Monday, August 31, 2009

Why Didn't I Do This Before?

Is there such thing as blogger's remorse? Because I think I experienced it last night. We were celebrating my first blog posting, when all of the sudden I felt like maybe this wasn't such a great idea. Like maybe I offended someone with the women's facial hair comment, or insulted my photographer/ex-pat/foodie/supermom friends (I stalk your blogs regularly/anonymously). I was ready to delete and forget this whole blogging thing ever happened, when my husband reassured me with a few magic words, which only he can really deliver:

"Honey, I insult people all the time, and things are working out just fine for me." He said with a kind of shrug of the shoulders and raise of the eyebrows.

Ladies and Gentlemen - I present my husband! I don't know if it was the adrenaline crash after my first actual posting (this is serious stuff I will remind you - like open-heart surgery or playing monopoly) or the late hour, but oddly it made me feel a lot better. But there was still this nagging feeling and I wondered if I'll survive this pressure cooker world of blogging (insert forlorn chime music here).

So I get up this morning, after the yells of "MAMA, I'M REEEEAAADDDDYYY!" were too hard to ignore any longer, and checked my email, and there they were. Wonderful comments and support from actual people. All of the sudden I have thoughts of being a published writer, family comedian, a blogging super-model, and I'm feeling the love. And all of this from the privacy of my Christmas pajamas and yesterday's mascara. I feel like I should place my hand on a cyber-Bible and take a blogging oath to "Do my duty in a bloggy kind of way, so help me God." Because friends, I'm drinking the Koolaid and I like it!! I'm afraid you've got me from here on out. This is just too much fun. And that's what I'm all about.

Find a picture below of my two in-house wake-up callers; The Red Baron on the left and The Little Man on the right.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen

So. Here I am. Blogging. It's a mixture of surprise and indifference. I never swore I would never blog (dig the double negatives there). I'm not inclined to be that decisive or emotional about something like blogging. I just never thought I was the blogging type. You know the blogging types I'm talking about: the foodies, an ex-pat, a photographer, a Supermom with craft ideas and recipes that will increase your child's IQ. That is all blog-worthy content. Where would I fit in world like that?

The indifference comes in because I'm starting to feel like a technology dinosaur. I've started feeling like I'm one of the last ones hanging on in the hurricane of electronic progress, standing on the porch, shaking my fist at the wind, yelling things about "going down with the ship" etc. You know what I'm talking about - the old lady with a thin mask of facial hair and thick desire to not be budged. Things are going so fast, it's time to end the resistance.

I have decided that blogging gives me a tiny little voice and records a message from me to the whole universe out there, and let's be honest: that's kind of fun. And I'm all about fun. So here we go universe, check me out! I'm sure you're as surprised and indifferent as I am.