Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen

So. Here I am. Blogging. It's a mixture of surprise and indifference. I never swore I would never blog (dig the double negatives there). I'm not inclined to be that decisive or emotional about something like blogging. I just never thought I was the blogging type. You know the blogging types I'm talking about: the foodies, an ex-pat, a photographer, a Supermom with craft ideas and recipes that will increase your child's IQ. That is all blog-worthy content. Where would I fit in world like that?

The indifference comes in because I'm starting to feel like a technology dinosaur. I've started feeling like I'm one of the last ones hanging on in the hurricane of electronic progress, standing on the porch, shaking my fist at the wind, yelling things about "going down with the ship" etc. You know what I'm talking about - the old lady with a thin mask of facial hair and thick desire to not be budged. Things are going so fast, it's time to end the resistance.

I have decided that blogging gives me a tiny little voice and records a message from me to the whole universe out there, and let's be honest: that's kind of fun. And I'm all about fun. So here we go universe, check me out! I'm sure you're as surprised and indifferent as I am.


  1. Are you going to refer to Chad as Mr.Colton? I think you better.

    I'm signed in as Paige but it's me Heather.

  2. Treva,
    I will follow your blog with great interest. You have a wonderful way with words, keep it up. Your mom and I went to see Julie and Julia last week, and it was great. Blogs are really 'in', and so are you!! Love you tons, and look forward to keeping up with you, Mr. Colton, and the Stinkies through your blog. Love, -- dad --

  3. I am so happy to see you are blogging. You are an excellent writer. And I'm happy we are in touch again.

  4. Treva - you are a great writer and have a serious knack of making the reader just 'get it' - and laugh!! Welcome to the blogging world :D

    I look forward to reading about your life adventures ...


  5. I think you are the perfect person to blog. If you get really good at it you can turn it into a book. It is a great way to keep all of your friends and family informed about your life and adventures. Plus it will be a way to keep a diary. I saw some baby goats this weekend and thought about yours! Hugs Gruncle Ron

  6. Very surpised and indifferent. :) I am so excited to read your blog. I can already tell it will be one of my favorites. So I'm just wondering, where do I fit in? Super Mom, foodie or photographer? I think I'm a schitzophrenic blogger. It's been a couple years and I think I might finally be "getting it." Can't wait to read more!
    P.S. You look HOT in that profile picture.

  7. so excited to be your fourth follower. and yes, you do look hot in that pic. AND real life.
    mr. colton is one lucky chap.

  8. i'm so excited you decided to cave! i can't wait to read more.

  9. what the world needs less of is super moms with mad photog skills. what the world needs more of is silly chics that say funny stuff about stupid things. i'm counting on you, woman.

    it's about time the world got a good dose of treva.