Friday, November 20, 2009

Gratitude Day 2: Babies

Today I'm grateful for babies. Other people's babies. Ok, ok, and my own.

Today I watched my friend's gorgeous little girls, which was so much fun. The older daughter played with my kids, which kept them all occupied and I got to hold the infant. Which was so fun. It's been a while (approximately 22 months give or take) since I could just sit and stare at a baby, and I forgot how fascinating that is. It's somehow very soothing like watching a fish tank at the dentist's office.

And I remembered: it's so much fun to hold other people's babies. I've become so consumed with my own babies, I really haven't held other people's babies in what seems like forever. Usually it's the last thing I even think of. But lately I've found myself gravitating to them. The promise of that baby smell, without the responsibility of producing that baby smell (my babies naturally smelled more like rotten milk or last week's diaper bucket), has been slightly magnetic. And I thought, "I should baby-sit more often for this friend of mine, this is so much fun." I need to also mention here that this particular baby is the smiliest, most mellow baby ever. Even her cry is cute and her puckered lower lip to show distress is the most delightful thing you've ever seen. It's like she's some kind of tron-baby.

And it made me miss this stage of my own kids. They were beautiful babies, if I do say so myself. And I realized that part of this gratitude theme is to appreciate what I have now. Today. And today I have two very opinionated toddlers that would launch into hysterics to know that I still refer to them as my babies. The Little Man's eye-brows would disappear over the crest of this forehead and the Red Baron would actually turn red, and it would be all over for me. So today I am grateful for holding other people's babies and for having held my own. They really were quite something.
The Red Baron with her first traces of red. 1 mo.

The Little-ist Man of them all. 1 week


  1. I'm so one of those people who actually loves other people's babies. So much so that I have seriously considered asking strangers in the grocery store it I could hold their little babe.

  2. Melanie/Faves - That's hilarious. I'm usually at the grocery store wishing that someone else WOULD hold my babies while I shopped. Grocery stores should have daycares - charge by the half hour and make a killing. That's my million dollar idea for the day.

  3. Yeah, why is Fred Meyer the only grocery store in on that? It makes you want to spend more time shopping, thus increasing sales, and peace of mind which also increases sales, right?