Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Birthday To My #1 Fan

May is a big month. Mother's Day, numerous birthdays (including a husband), memorial day, and anniversaries all land on this celebratory month and to be completely honest, I'm not very good at remembering them all. It's not that they aren't important, it's that my brain isn't what it once was (it could be argued that I've never been a great remember-er of significant days, even at my brainiest moments - but let's not argue during such a happy month, k?). It's a big month. Like the biggest month. Think of the biggest thing you can think of, and then name it May. (In case you were wondering, I thought of an elephant pregnant with triplets). (SIDE NOTE - elephants are pregnant for 22 months at a time and their babies weigh 250 lbs). (I don't think this huge elephant named May should be pregnant with quadruplets, because, I mean, like get real). But this year, May is even a little more special because along with all the other fanfare, I celebrate the birthday of my #1 fan.

I would be remiss to neglect this special occasion after all the things we've been through, me and my #1 fan. My life, my whole being would be so different had we never met. My heart is full thinking of all the things we've survived together - all the late nights, early mornings, good times and bad. "Through thick, and thin," or so the saying goes. With this in mind, I would like everyone to raise a glass to toast my friend, my rock, my constant companion:

To my Bangs!!

Happy Birthday Bangs! May you continue to be my favorite part of my face and the most surprising part of my morning.

May Heidi Klum continue to inspire us both and may we continue to avoid self-maintenance.

Long live the Bangs!!

So just keep in mind that if you're ever having a bad day - just go birth you some bangs. You won't regret it.


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  2. Hey there!

    Here from Richards' blog.
    'Nway, thanks for the unexpectedness of this post. Made my day. (Though actually bangs were a horrible part of my life, looked like brown, frizzed, cotton balls glued to my forehead.)

  3. I'm so glad I'm not an elephant.

  4. i love your blog. it's the best. i should really consider getting myself some bangs.

  5. ha ha i love my bangs too! sadly, they keep growing out on me.

    p.s. that second photo is exceptionally stunning :)

  6. Miss Liss - Sorry to hear about your negative experience with bangs. I hope that maybe with time you'll find it in yourself to forgive them. They sound lively and I'm sure you looked great.
    Alisa - no joke. Elephants definitely got the short end of the gestational stick.
    Jenner - definitely got birth you some bangs. I love them.
    Iheartkiwi - bangs growing is one of the down sides for sure. And every time I lose my mind and try to cut them myself. And every time that ends badly. I wonder if there's a bang class somewhere? I may have just thought up a million dollar idea. $5 bang cutting classes. And yes, that second picture pretty much takes my breath away. I'm glad you liked it.

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  8. Your morning look is all kinds of awesome. Somedays I want to celebrate bangs and other days I become a teenager again and say, "Daddy I hate you!" And do a dramatic fall onto my bed.

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  10. Treva, Treva, Treva.... First of all, I love the bangs too! I think I've commented about that before. You look HOT! Secondly, why do you doubt Target? Of course Ella's dress is from there. My mom actually bought it for her for easter, but I picked it out. It's still my favorite store. :) It's from the bigger girl section. Go check it out.