Friday, September 11, 2009

Mental Organizing

My mind has had lots to think about lately, and I've been able to compartmentalize all my thoughts into specific categories. So here they are, in tidy, little, lists with labels and everything:

Category 1 - The Mundane
"That laundry pile is getting bigger and bigger. Oh well."
"I don't suppose that fridge will clean itself. Oh well."
"That kid probably needs a diaper change. Oh well."

Category 2 - The Trivial
"I wonder what's happening on Facebook right now?"
"Better check my email again."
"I wonder what's happening on Facebook right now?"

Category 3 - The Deep
"I was at the Twin Towers one month before 9/11."
"I took the bus to and from the Pentagon every morning and evening for 3.5 months during the summer of 2001."
"I became an American citizen on August 14th, 2001."
"It could have been me."
"It could have been any of us."
"It wasn't."
"This country was united then."
"This country isn't united now."
"Why do we have to have an enemy to unite?"

Category 4 - The Optimistic
"I hope things get better."
"Maybe I'll make cookies this afternoon."
"If I have to hear one more crazy loud-mouth verbally spew about health care, I'm moving to Canada."
"Chad can clean the fridge."

I'm really good at hypothetical/philosophical/metaphorical organizing. My mind is really the only part of me that does that (organize). Some of my best mental organizing skills were learned by the GOP during the recent Presidential elections. If we could all put our thoughts/actions into the "The Terrorists Win" category or the "The Terrorists Lose" category, we can't really go wrong.
For example, "I want to create a training camp in my basement." (Terrorists Win)
"I want to get along with my neighbor." (Terrorists Lose)

It's really easy. So, tonight as you are thinking your mundane, trivial, deep and optimistic thoughts, let it all lead you to where the Terrorists will lose the most. As for me, I'm going to a karaoke joint, because I'm pretty sure they would HATE that.

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  1. Those last two "optimistic" thoughts made me (almost) fall off my chair! I agree - Chad can clean the fridge. And while he's at it, he can clean ours too!