Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wife of the Year

So, I had a couple extra minutes the other day, and thought "Pieface, you should do something nice for the man in your life." See, he was having a hard day and everything seemed a little bleak. And I know that when I have a hard day, a little extra attention, a thoughtful gesture, a reassuring word or a fully cooked ham is all I need to get me through the tough moments. The next problem would be what do to? What could help his mood and lift his spirit? Should I make him something? Would he like a new outfit? How about if I send him out of the house with a book and "free time?" My brain came up with all these really fantastic answers and all these incredible ideas, but I realized they were all things that I wanted and not what HE would want.

And finally it dawned on me. The perfect, most excellent thing I could do for him, and it was shockingly simple.

So, I shaved my legs.

I don’t want you, dear Pieface reader, to think that I take my hygiene lightly or that I’m not a fan of shaved legs because that would be false. I’m a huge fan of shaved legs, and love the feeling and look of them immensely. My problem is that they require some time and effort which are in short supply these days (what with my new blogging responsibilities and all). Also, with the turning of seasons, and the pants being dusted off and pulled to the front of the closet again, shaved legs seem as useful as a calculator watch (don’t tell me you have forgotten all about the calculator watch!). In fact, unshaven legs are very useful in providing that extra layer of heat padding for those especially brisk days. Who in their right mind wouldn't want an extra layer of heat padding? Sounds fantastic, doesn't it? But this perspective isn't quite the view the man in my life takes. It's not that he wants me to be cold or anything ridiculous like that. Nor does he even really care if my legs are shaved or not (or that he really has a choice in the matter). I just know that it's something that I can do, like a nice little gesture to show him:

"Hey you.. yeah, you in the back, next to the Doritos... I know you care about this, and even though I don't really care about it, I care about it today because you care about it."

So there you have it. Shaved legs.

Don't say I never did anything for you, honey!


  1. I'm not sure what's up with the fonts in this one. Tried to fix it, but for some reason there's some resistance there. Just so you know, I wasn't using this as a way to communicate dramatics or importance, even though this is a dramatic and important post.

  2. haha! that's hilarious!
    why is it that i shave my legs more often when i'm going to get a pedicure or see the doctor, but not for the hubby? a question to ponder.

  3. Good point Lynette! My legs were never so shaved as when I was getting prenatal care in pregnancy!! How funny.

  4. haha. awesome. :) i actually have a schedule. twice a week. saturday, if i feel like taking a leisurely shower OR sunday, because i'm about to wear a skirt. AND wednesday... because if i don't do it wednesday, by thursday i want to barf all over my man legs. BUT i go pretty quick, 'cause don't use shaving cream. shaving cream is for pansies. plus... shaving cream in the shower doesn't work. and who has time for a bath... ever?

  5. I'm loving your efficiency Janaya. I'm not sure about shaving cream being for pansies, but it's definitely appropriate for right after Christmas when my mother in law puts shaving cream in my stocking. A definite indulgence.

  6. I can't wait until winter tights come into play so I don't even have to shave every Sunday!
    I don't think I've used shaving cream since I was a teenager.
    Hope Chad enjoyed the silky smoothness :)